The Thank You Email

After much soul searching you have decided to seek an opportunity to gain new experience, a change in scenery, or simply support your family with a higher income. You have identified a recruiter you can trust who will assist you in finding the best match. Your resume is in tip top shape, highlighting your unique skill set and career achievements opening doors to the best opportunities, and now you have just completed your interview for what you see as a great next step. Follow these simple rules for leaving a lasting impression with your thank you email:

The Subject Line:

Keep the subject line simple and direct including “Thank you” and the role for which you are interviewing. For example, “Thank you – Remote SAS Programmer Opportunity”


Your thank you email should hit your interviewer’s inbox no later than 24 hours from the interview. Doing so will confirm your interest and keep you top of mind.


All parts of your interview process, including the follow up email, will be scrutinized. Show that you take pride in your work by not allowing for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Be Brief:

During the interview was your opportunity to sell your skill set in detail. Rather than rehashing the entire conversation, keep your thank you email to a couple of sentences.

Qualification Review:

In the midst of your interview you likely learned the most important skills and traits required for the role. You are likely competing with any number of other qualified applicants for this position. Use your thank you email to briefly reiterate your top qualifications that will set you apart and make your interviewer comfortable that you will be able to thrive in this role.

Leave No Doubt:

Don’t be afraid to show your interest. If you believe this position is right for you it need not be a mystery to the hiring manager. Be specific about why you are interested in this position, show the interviewer that you have considered this opportunity deeply, and leave him or her confident you will accept the position if offered.


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