Traceability Webinar Series

Click here for the recording of Part 1: Building Traceability into ADaM.  

Click here for the recording of Part 2: Record Level Traceability. 

Click here for the recording of Part 3: Metadata Traceability

Part 3: Metadata Traceability  

This Friday, July 17th at 12 pm ET, Clinical Solutions Group is teaming up with Nurocor to host the last of our traceability webinar series. During this advanced level webinar, we are going to take the concepts of traceability and introduce how to use them with technology to support a platform for creating and automating the delivery of regulatory materials. We will delve into defining and understanding metadata and introduce metadata driven technology. Through how specifications can be used for submissions, as well as, tracking, automating and measuring traceability. Click here to register for Part 3: Metadata Traceability this Friday July 17th at 12 pm ET.  

Upcoming Webinar Panelists 

Paul Slagle, Senior Director, Data Standards & Process, Clinical Solutions Group 

Eric Larson, Senior Standards Engineer, Data Standards & Process, Clinical Solutions Group 

Barrie Nelson, Chief Standards Officer, Nurocor 

Traceability Webinar Series Part 1 & 2:  

We kicked off our traceability webinar series on May 15th with the basics of traceability as Paul Slagle and the Data Standards & Process team discussed the importance of traceability, how to ensure traceability, and how to check traceability before submission. During Part 2 of our webinar series, on June 19th, the panelists came together to share how to take traceability to the data. During this intermediate/advanced level webinar, the team dove into building traceability into the study design and introduced methods to measure traceability so that a team can monitor progress throughout the study.  

We are immensely grateful for the audience who remained engaged and asked insightful questions throughout both Webinar 1 and Webinar 2. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.