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Karen Curran Joins CSG as VP of Biometric Services

Clinical Solutions Group (Raleigh, NC) is pleased to announce the addition of Karen Curran, Vice President of Biometric Services to lead our Biometric Services Division. Karen joins Clinical Solutions Group as an executive with over 20-years of leadership experience providing solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech clients that range from small start-ups to some of the largest global companies in the industry, with a track record of developing sustainable and evolving relationships with those clients.

At CSG, Karen leads the biometrics group and works with sponsors to develop customised solutions; from individual placements, staff augmentation strategies or to developing customised FSP relationships. Karen brings her tenure of leadership experience to our clients for a solution that meeting the needs and culture of every engagement.

CSG’s FSP is a customizable solution that allows flexibility in your projects, contractual terms, engagement models, and cost strategies. CSG carefully calibrates a delivery framework for the unique challenges and objectives of every sponsor environment.  Our approach is highly collaborative so that our customers’ perspective is clearly represented in the final solution and they maintain confidence the partnership is designed specific to their needs.

Karen’s expertise includes CDISC compliant submissions planning and execution, developing KPIs and usable metrics in support of strategic partnerships and in managing sponsor relationships, project delivery and resourcing. Prior to CSG, Karen led the global biometrics group of a large CRO with over 400 statisticians and statistical programmers worldwide and lead customised biometrics solutions for their key accounts.

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Where it all started


Clinical Solutions Group was founded in 1999 by bothers Omar and Imad Omar. Having been in the industry for several years they recognized the need for a niche firm to fill what they saw as a service gap in the Biopharma industry. Over the last 19 years the brothers have lead Clinical Solutions Group to become a company held in high regard across the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trial industry nationwide by focusing on delivering a personable experience for both the consultant and the client.

As they entered 2017, the brothers recognized another service gap in the industry. Combined with a new branding efforts, Clinical Solutions Group has launched an FSP offering, addressing customer demands to become a larger stakeholder in their project goals, working collaboratively with them on well defined standards, systems and tools leveraged internally.

We often field questions about our company’s heritage and where we are going. Our team thinks more people would be interested in hearing about this so Imad and Omar put together some answers to our most frequent questions.

  1. What was your motivation for starting Clinical Solutions Group?

    Having been in the industry for over 7 years prior to starting CSG, our motivation was to start a company that specifically focused on a finite number of skill sets and establish CSG as niche firm supporting the Biopharma industry. Our goal was to provide our employees a company that felt more like a home environment rather than just a place of employment. While we knew that was the way we wanted our company to run, we also strongly believed this would also attract clients to our firm, help attract the top talent in the marketplace, and overall lead to longer and more fulfilling careers for our team.

  2. What is a major obstacle that you have overcome since starting the company?

    The main obstacle we’ve faced has been to compete at a high level in both the consultant market as well as the client market against the larger staffing companies. We found that we have been able to overcome those hurdles by a driven focus on superior customer service, creating a more personal experience for the consultant, and by focusing on the more niche skillsets within the clinical arena that our clients would appreciate. We quickly understood that CSG cannot be everything to everybody and that niche focus has made us very competitive in the market.

  3. What is the most important thing that you have learned over the last two decades?

    Treating consultants and customers alike with respect and providing service rooted in quality and integrity is the focus beyond revenues and profit. Business results have a funny way of happening when you do the right thing by others.

  4. Where do you see the future of Clinical Solutions Group, and what about that future most excites you?

    All the business KPI’s are trending up and we remain proud of the value we drive in the marketplace and now we’re leveraging our strong foundation to enter into new service frameworks like Functional Service Provider (FSP) models. Moreover, we feel that we offer our employees a great work environment focused on building personal relationships and are excited about the opportunity  that will be created for our employees to realize the personal and professional goals that matter to them.

resume tips

5 Obvious, and 5 Not-so-Obvious Resume Tips

5 -Obvious Resume Tips

  1. Proof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read

    Yes, we are still talking about this! While it is one of the most obvious “no-brainers” that comes to mind when thinking about refining your resume, it is amazing how many resumes with major spelling and grammatical errors come through our office. Ensuring that you have a resume free of grammatical and spelling errors goes a long way to show your attention to detail.

  2. Avoid copy and pasting

    It is easy to identify that someone has copied and pasted a job description as their own duties on a resume. While it might seem like it makes sense to use the exact description, it can give a recruiter the impression that you are lazy. Everyone knows that a person’s impact on a company goes beyond a generic job description; so set yourself apart by giving precise and detailed descriptions of what you did during your time at a prior engagement.

  3. Easy on the Eyes!

    Recruiters and hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes daily and tens of thousands on an annual basis; so, adhere to a writing style that is compatible with skimming! Place your most impressive achievements towards the top of every engagement coupled with the use of short, precise language. This will go a long way to ensuring that important things don’t slip through the cracks. Remember, you are highlighting your relevant skills to capture the reader’s interest, not writing a novel. A clean list of organized bullet points is a great way to accomplish this.

  4. Be Consistent

    Grammar is another fundamental practice. Ensures that all the fonts are the same, paragraphs and margins are properly aligned, and all engagements follow the same format. Your attention to these details will go a long way to increasing the amount of time the Recruiter will spend on the resume.

  5. Be Honest

    Too many people embellish their prior experience attempting to be more marketable.  Even stretching the truth a little can be a major turn-off.   Recruiters and hiring managers are trained to weed out these CV’s, and it could keep a company from considering you for future opportunities. You will stand out more by being straight forward and honest, and land the job because your CV matched your interview responses.


5 No-so-Obvious Resume Tips

  1. Made, Saved, and Achieved

    Figuring out exactly how to describe your experience at prior jobs can be difficult. Ultimately recruiters and hiring managers want to see the impact you made at a previous engagement and that can be done by using the MSA method. First, describe new things that you made that positively impacted the company. This could be new processes, new tools, or new procedures that you implemented. Second, describe the effect that those processes had. This could be in terms of an actual dollar amount or in terms of time required to complete a process. Lastly, brag about your achievements! Great things to boast about include employee recognitions, coming in under budget or ahead of schedule for several years in a row, etc.

  2. Tailor fit your resume

    Every job and every company is different, so it would make sense that every job you apply to uses a slightly different version of your resume. Spending the time to make sure you highlight specific experiences relevant to the job description and the company can be the difference between making it to the interview round or the pay-no-mind list.

  3. Don’t use Tables!

    While they are a major help in presenting your resume in a clean and easy to read format, they can hurt your resumes searchability. The majority of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) used in the industry struggle to search for keywords and phrases within tables. This means your perfectly tailored resume might not appear in searches, regardless of your perfect qualifications for the job.

  4. Make your LinkedIn Profile reflect your resume

    Often your LinkedIn profile is as critical for applying to a job as your resume so it’s critical that you make sure the dates, titles, and experience are aligned. Use your LinkedIn profile to go a bit more in-depth on your responsibilities and use paragraph form rather than the bulleted form from the resume. Chances are if someone is looking at your LinkedIn profile after you’ve applied to a job, they’re interested.  Now use your LinkedIn profile to seal the deal!

  5. Use Keywords

    When posting your resume to a site like Monster or Indeed, make sure to use relevant key words in your resume as often as possible. Treat your resume like a marketer would with a website and increase its searchability. You can find the best keywords to use by reading job descriptions at companies you are interested in, and finding the common trends!



The core of CSG is centered around biopharma solutions. We are well recognized in the industry with an 18 year track record of delivering high quality consultants to top tier drug development companies and contract research organizations. 

Interested in exploring a new career opportunity with Clinical Solutions Group? Visit our home page to schedule a time to speak with one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists. 


CSG in 2017

Clinical Solutions Group is starting off 2017 with a bang. A brilliant new logo & website, a gorgeous new office, and an innovative new service offering. These are just a few of the exciting improvements that Clinical Solutions Group has in store for 2017.

Staffing Services Excellence:

This year, CSG will be striving to constantly enhance the consultant experience and be the career partner our valued consultants deserve. Since our inception in 1999, CSG has helped our consultants achieve their goals by connecting them with our vast network of clients in the biopharma industry. Our talent acquisition team believes in taking the time to build a strong relationship with our consultants, and our candidates love the experience of having CSG as their career partner. Just read what they have to say for yourself.

Customized Biometric Functional Services:

After 18 years in business, our expertise in the biopharma space has grown tremendously, bringing over 140 years of collective experience to the table through our leadership team. This natural evolution has equipped CSG to launch an innovative flexible functional service model that fills the service gap between traditional staffing and outsourcing models. CSG is excited to offer our clients individually crafted and carefully calibrated FSP models that strike the perfect balance between the flexibility and control customers need and the stakeholdership they should expect from a partner.

CSG can deliver the solution that you need for your trial, read more about our Customized FSP Solutions today.

Internal Team Growth:

With the move into a new, larger office, Clinical Solutions Group is committed to growing and strengthening our Talent and Sales teams. A people-first approach, combined with our high performance/ high reward environment creates an exceptional entrepreneurial-like culture. Take your first steps towards becoming a part of our team today by browsing our open positions.