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Looking for a Recruiter? Follow these 4 Rules and the rest is gravy…

  1. Your recruiter is your Agent.

    Whether you’re working with a Real Estate Agent, Travel Agent or even a Sports Agent, the common theme is that these folks need to know your heart’s deepest desire. Fenced-in back yard is a must? Dreaming about an all-inclusive tropical resort vacation? You want a “max contract” in your professional sport? Your Agent needs to know these details in no uncertain terms and your recruiter is no different.
    A good recruiter’s goal is to get you into your Dream Job.  We can’t do that unless you take the time to describe exactly what that Dream Job looks like – from total compensation and remote vs. on-site work, all the way to company culture and room for advancement; and everything in between.

  2. Be 100% transparent.

    This piggy-backs off the last point, but it is an important aspect of our relationship with you. We need to understand exactly where you want your career to go and the details of your past work history. We want to hear about your strengths and accolades and it is equally important that you are honest about any failed engagements, technical shortcomings, and work that you’d prefer not to do. Our goal is to make a perfect match between you and our client. Concealing any important fact restricts our ability to properly serve you and our client, and it makes building a strong relationship more difficult.

  3. Build a Relationship.

    When you’re working with the right recruiter, building a solid, trust-based relationship should be very easy and feel completely natural. All of the really successful recruiters that I know have this in common: they sincerely care about the candidates with whom they’re working. We’re all in it for the money, but if your recruiter doesn’t display a genuine interest in you and your career, find another recruiter.

  4. Find a Specialist.

    You wouldn’t take your ailing dog to a motorcycle mechanic, right? Same logic here. Most of us recruit very specific skill sets to support targeted industries. Find a recruiter who specializes in your chosen field who can talk the language and who has a client base that closely aligns with your career goals.

    The core of CSG is centered around biopharma solutions. We are well recognized in the industry with an 18 year track record of delivering high quality consultants to top tier drug development companies and contract research organizations. 

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