Let’s Stay Connected: August Wellness Month

Nearly six months into the fallout of the global pandemic, many of us are facing the heightened challenges of adjusting to our new “normal.” It seems socializing, or lack thereof, with our friends, family and coworkers has taken the hardest hit on our daily routines. Here at CSG, our greatest mission is to engage our employees by feeling emotionally connected to our work, our purpose and each other. 

Studies have found having a strong sense of social connection decreases anxiety and depression, and research has pointed to a longer lifespan in individuals with strong social relationships. Since many of us are not able to connect socially in person, here are some fun tips to build connection with others, safely:  

  • Print a blank calendar or agenda. Block off hour long windows at night or on the weekend to schedule a time to call up friends and family you haven’t spoken with in a while. Give them a call and get an automatic mood-booster.  
  • Meet your neighbors (from six feet away ?). Does anyone else find themselves going on more walks than usual? Stop and say hi to the friendly faces who share your street! 
  • Host a virtual coffee hour. Every Thursday our team meets in the morning to reconnect and share some thoughts and stories to get us excited about starting our day off strong.  
  • Start a virtual book club. Select a book you and your friends or co-workers are interested in reading and meet virtually to discuss any valuable insights and takeaways. Our team recommends Grit by Angela Duckworth.  

The willingness to reboot, connect and build strong social interactions are necessary to create rich, meaningful connections and promote overall wellness. The next time an opportunity arises to have a long conversation with someone you care about, take a walk, or spend some extra time with your co-workers, remember to do so is to put your wellness first. The bonds you may cultivate are a natural remedy to promote overall wellness.